Dinner At Morimoto New York

Dinner At Morimoto New York

I felt majorly awkward carrying a big camera around a nice restaurant, so sadly these are all taken with my cell phone.

This is the omakase at Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant. Omakase means “chef’s choice”. They explained each dish to me before making my final decision, but I was pretty set on getting the omakase no matter what. It’s a great way to sample the best of what the restaurant has to offer. I also opted to add the sake pairing. Because why the hell not? Basically you get a couple ounces of sake with each course (including dessert). It’s a fantastic way to try different types of sake. Morimoto even makes their own!

First course: raw tuna belly with an assortment of condiments and soy sauce served on ice. Let’s see if I can remember each condiment: grated wasabi, mayo, bean paste, wasabi, crunchy tempura pieces.

2nd course: raw fluke with searing oil poured over the top to barely cook it. Micro green salad and mushrooms on top.

3rd course: fresh veggies with an artichoke/anchovy sauce heated with a candle underneath. Yes, I used my fingers to wipe the inside of that cup clean. Damn tasty!

4th course (and my favorite!): raw oyster with raw uni (sea urchin) and foie gras and teriyaki sauce on top. It was the best thing I have ever eaten…ever! All 7 courses could have honestly been this on 7 separate plates and I would have been happy.

5th course: 5 sushi pieces (from left to right): a pair of baby squid, some fish I can’t remember, skipjack tuna, a type of buttery fish, and high quality fatty tuna belly.

Palate cleanser: House made ginger ale. I could have consumed a gallon of this stuff. Absolutely delicious.

6th course: lobster claw and 1/2 lobster tail with lemon foam, and a thin piece of barely seared wagyu beef on top of poached potato sticks. Wagyu can be compared with the famous Kobe beef, but it’s not as marbled (or expensive).

Dessert: rice stick with sesame on top and red bean paste inside (left), and a house made cookie and mango sorbet in a glass with coffee and maple tofu cheesecake underneath. Cloudy unfiltered sake was paired with it. YUM!

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