Skoshbox: October

Skoshbox: October

The first of every month is a super happy one because it’s Skoshbox time! WEEEEE!!!

I am signed up for the monthly subscription and have no desire to cancel any time soon. A present arrives on your doorstep every month filled with Japanese treats.

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Skoshbox. Just a rabid, food-loving fangirl.

You can view what was in each box here. Here is my review on each item:

Green tea gum – tasted just like a Starbucks green tea frappuccino. Not too sweet, not too bitter.

Salad flavored rice cakes – next to the chocolate stick these were my favorite. Savory, salty, and crunchy!

Choco puff – imagine a giant cheese puff but instead it’s all chocolate. And it’s big! Hands down, my favorite thing in this box.

Awa Dama candy – it’s fizzy candy! It actually fizzed a bit while sucking on it. Very interesting and fun. There were two different types in here with different flavors.

Nori rice crackers – this is my go-to favorite whenever I’m in an Asian market. I always get any variation of a seaweed (nori) wrapped rice cracker. The cracker usually has a kind of soy sauce coating on it and is very delicious.

Black sesame mochi – pretty much as it sounds…chewy candy that’s black sesame flavored. It was great trying something new like this and I could easily eat 50 more. Very interesting and yummy.

Yakionigiri rice cracker – this came in close second for my favorite item in this box. It really did taste like yakionigiri (which is rice balls coated in soy sauce and pan fried). Very delicious. I ended up making some actual yakionigiri not long after eating this. It put me in the mood!

Green pea snack – crunchy peas out of the pod. Yep, that’s basically it. A healthy snack that wasn’t too salty.

Pretty post cards – they put one inedible item in each box. This month is postcards which are beautiful and can’t wait to send them out. Other months included a Japanese eraser (which are amazing) and chopsticks.  NOTE: starting January 2014 their boxes will be food only.


My First Skoshbox!

My First Skoshbox!

I subscribe to Sharla in Japan on YouTube and she had this video talking about Skoshbox and showed its products for that month. I immediately signed up and voila! Got my first package at the beginning of August. Here is their page describing each item that was in this month’s box.

The subscription is $15 US dollars per month and you can cancel whenever you want. Ew, sounded like a commercial there for a second. But really, it’s super simple. I even emailed them with a question and they responded quickly and were super friendly!

My favorite item from this box was the Mini Salad. I don’t know why but it was just so different and delicious! It was salty and sweet and wish I had 50 more to eat! The Cheese Kibun were delicious as well. Heck, there wasn’t a single item in here I wouldn’t eat again.

Inside is a card with the name and description of each product. I really liked this because if there was something I must have full size I could easily order it online or hunt it down at the local Asian market.

It was packaged nicely with tissue paper and everything was laid out neatly (not just thrown in there). There were more snacks than I was initially expecting, making for a fun Japanese candy and snack adventure!

Personally, I think this is an awesome idea and really wish I had thought it up myself. Sometimes the snacks at the Asian market can be a bit expensive and only come in large bags. I love trying new things but honestly do not want to invest in something that I am completely unsure of. This is a great way to sample several different things and most of these items were not even available at the local market.

September can’t get here fast enough 🙂