Game Review: Cookie Clicker

Game Review: Cookie Clicker

Title: Cookie Clicker

Platform: PC

Publisher: Orteil

Genre: Click-based javascript

Single/Multi Player: Single

Story: Click on the giant cookie to get cookies. Use cookies to buy upgrades so you can receive more cookies.

Difficulty: Easy

Replay Value: Medium

Graphics: Picture based

Soundtrack: None

Personal Review: I don’t think I’ve ever been so quickly addicted to a game before. Not since Bejeweled. You click on cookies to get cookies so you can get more cookies. It seemingly goes on forever. I’ve had this game running on my PC for LITERALLY 3 weeks straight. No joke. The cookies have not stopped flowing at all. There has even been an update since the screenshot above was taken and you can purchase Antimatter Condensers, which produce an insane amount of CPS (cookies per second).

You do not have to sit and click on the cookie the entire time. You purchase upgrades and machines that produce and collect the cookies for you. If you click the giant cookie, you receive cookies for every click.

Did I mention there are also achievements? That’s right! Don’t just leave the game running all on its own. There are golden cookies that randomly appear that give you boosts and bonus cookies! There is also research you can buy (using cookies) to get even more upgrades! Beware of the grandmothers though. Give them enough power and you can trigger Grandmapocalypse, in which grandmothers become demons and evil cookies appear that take away from your cookie production!

The game is completely free. You may donate to the developer if you feel like it. There are no pay to win features like Candy Crush. I don’t know when I’ll stop playing this game. Must get all achievements!


Game Review: Animal Crossing New Leaf

Game Review: Animal Crossing New Leaf

Title: Animal Crossing New Leaf

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Publisher: Nintendo

Genre: Community Simulator

Single/Multi Player: Both

Story: You move to a new town and SURPRISE! You are the mayor. Keep your townsfolk happy, interact with NPCs (non-playable characters) and online friends either by visiting each other’s towns, playing games on Tortimer Island, or viewing house layouts through your dreams. Unless you set the time on your DS to be different, whatever time and season it is in real life, it is in the game. Depending on the time of year different bugs and fish are available.

Difficulty: easy

Replay Value: high

Graphics: clean, cartoon, cute

Soundtrack: Fantastic! From the relaxing music that plays in the evening, to rocking out with K.K. Slider in the club.

Personal Review: Where to begin. I personally had no idea my character was going to be the mayor of the town. What a treat! If you have played any of the previous AC games and was on the fence about this one, just do it. Seriously. The amount of things you can do in this game compared to the ones in the past is night and day.

To begin, you are able to search through a variety of maps to decide which layout best suits you. Then you get to pick where you want your house to be. Also, you are able to easily build new cobblestone bridges, expand the museum, and add benches, camp sits, street lights, and signs just by using bells.

Two words: Tortimer Island! Here it is always summer time and full of rare bugs and fish. You can even put on a wet suit, swim out into the water and dive for more sea creatures. You cannot take anything from the main land to the island. However, anything you catch on island can be brought back (through a holding bin, not your pockets).

In town is a new store called Re-Tail. It’s like a consignment shop and takes place of Nook’s. Here you can put items up for sale for the town folk or your friends to purchase. The people in your town will often be inside the shops you go to. Don’t worry, Nook is still in business, but as a loan collector! His nephews run the original looking store (which grows in size as time goes on) which is located at the northern section of town. This is a new area for Animal Crossing and is home to the Club lol, the Dream Suite, Abel Sisters, Gardening Store, Museum, and more! There is also an area where you can visit entire neighborhoods featuring other people’s homes.

As you play along, it seems more and more things unlock for you to experience. For example, one of my town members suggested a totem pole would “look cool” in the area. So the option became available for me to start building one. The villagers will donate their won money towards community projects, but a bulk of the cost will come from your own pocket.

I can ramble on and on and on about this game. There really is a lot to it but it’s simple to play and personally addicting. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to ask away in the comment section below.

Why no perfect score? If you want to play in a different season (winter, spring, etc) you need to change the time in the game or on your DS. Doing this sudden change will cause large amount of weeds to grow and you can lose neighbors who you became good friends with. Luckily with the new island option (where it is always summer) at least you are never without copious amounts of bugs and fish to catch for money. In the past during winter there wasn’t much around (especially bugs), so money was usually tight.

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5

Game Review: OSU!

Game Review: OSU!

Title: osu!

Platform: PC

Publisher: Peppy

Genre: Online Rhythm

Single/Multi Player: Both. You can “battle” against others or in teams for highest score on a beatmap. The community is fantastic, helpful, and plentiful. The game is played worldwide so no matter what language you speak, there is a good chance you will be able to converse with someone from your native tongue.

Story: None

Difficulty: Selectable depending on the song: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane.

Replay Value: While you technically never beat the game, you keep coming back to it even in small bouts of play.

Graphics: Depends on the beatmap. They are created by the player community and vary from very low to high. There are free skins you can download to make the layout look pretty much however you want. I think I’ve spent more time searching for songs and skins than actually playing the game.

Soundtrack: That all depends on you! All songs are completely free to download and you can have thousands. So technically, I’m going to say the soundtrack is amazing.

Personal Review: I’m a sucker for rhythm games. Dance Dance Revolution runs in my blood and soul. I found this to be a bit of a challenge at first but you quickly get used to the flow. My personal recommendation would be to use the modifications within the options of the game and have the computer play through the song for you so you can see how the beats are laid out. Also, stick with songs you are familiar with at the start.
The difficulty varies on a huge scale, from extremely easy to the most insane thing you can think of. Here is a video of me playing a normal beatmap, a hard beatmap, and another hard beatmap. These hard beatmaps were some of the “easier” ones I found. There are other songs that are “hard” difficulty that I am unable to do right now.
Now, if you really want a show, check out Cookiezi is a world famous Osu player. His videos blow my mind. One of my favorites, and arguably one of the most difficult songs in this game is The Quick Brown Fox. Even if you don’t ever plan on playing this game, give this a watch. I can guarantee you’ll be at least slightly impressed. White Wolf is right up there with Cookiezi if you are afraid of running out of amazing Osu videos to watch.

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5