FFXIV: Realm Reborn – Final Beta Test Next Week!

FFXIV: Realm Reborn - Final Beta Test Next Week!

Complied by one of Resonate’s healers, TiddlyWinks, here is a compiled set of information taken from the Live Letter:

Open Beta (16th for p3 testing) 17th-19th
Early Access 24th – Launch
Level cap for Beta – lvl 20

Arcanist Info:
Both jobs will share same Stat allocation, MND – SCH, INT – SMN
There is an Item to reroll those stats however for switching.

Summoner pets:
Ifirit – Close Range Dps
Garuda – Long range dps
Titan – Tank pet

Ether Flow used to cast certain damage spells

Scholar Info:
Difference between WHM is mostly Buffing
Two Fairies – Cast times are long so you can not simply resummon them –
Buffing fairy
Healing fairy
(Fairies can be used as targets for AE healing providing you can move them where ever you want)

Ether Flow used to: Restore MP, Cast heals instantly and for specific heals/buffs

Out of Game Services:
Gamecards in store are announced.
Paid World transfers: available 2-3 weeks into Launch

Smartphone App: Libra Eorzea
Able to look up character, make gear comparisons, linked to lodestone, won’t have any dungeon strategies and will closely mod player made strategies posted on the lodestone.
Android version available 3 weeks after launch

In game Announcements:
Barbershop: You will be able to change Hair Style/color, Eye color, Face Marks, Face Paint/Color, and facial hair. This feature is due for Patch 2.1

Seasonal Events:
It will take up to 1 week to obtain the gear that they provide.
Summer event will required Farming Fire resist Gear
Winter Event has Snowmen Costumes.

End Game Announcements:
(Harder versions of all End Game Content Just announced as well)
End game will have 8 mans like Bahamut that will require teamwork and splitting into 2 separate groups in order to complete separate objectives to finish the dungeon starting about half way through.

Mechanics added:
Dps locks
Gear Checks
Split damage sharing

Crystal Tower:
24 man Alliance content – Will use Duty Finder
Not due till 2.1 – approx 3-4 weeks after launch

Primal fights:
On the Hard difficulty primal fights will included an extra randomized mechanics added each time you fight them.
Map awareness needed as well
Moogle Primal fight due in 2.1
Whispering is locked in dungeons and raids.
Unicorn mount announced

Regarding loot system:
No Restrictions so far on any type of loot.

Concept art for Fans, beds, and Fountains outside of the house including versions for Free companies as well.

Ether wheels can be purchased and placed in FC housing to provide buffs to Members as well as a permanent EXP bonus for every member of the FC

Darklight Gear set announced for other classes in addition to the original one.
Token System for “trying” against primal gear that will be close in stats of that.

Addon tools will be released 6 months after launch

PVP official release 2.1:
You can access it from Molabe dock

It will be 4v4, 8v8, and joined through Duty Finder, You can also make premade groups.

Welcome back campaign – 1.0 members till Sept 9 play free

Veteran rewards:
30 day – Wind up Cursor (Minion), Phail of Fantasia ( Character Remake)
60 Days – Cascadier Uniform Vouncher, Black Chocobo Chick (Minion)
90 Days- Beady Eyes (Minion) Voidal Resonator (Mount)


FFXIV Beta Test 4

Beta Test 4

Beta test 3 is currently in progress for a few more days (will end Monday). Naoki Yoshida, aka Yoshi (director, designer, and producer at Square Enix), was kind enough to directly answer questions and give out information on the Ifrit server (pictured above). Here is basically what it says plus additional information:

  • Phase 4 will last one week
  • ACN (Arcanist) should be available
  • Voice acting will be implemented
  • Event Bosses implemented in Phase 4
  • SLI support implemented in Phase 4
  • Male Miqotes will have unique motions when entering baths
  • When leveling a second class, you will have bonus exp
  • Addressed a bug where the cursor goes funny in some instances
  • Adjustments to how (slow/fast) a Gatherer levels
  • Adjustments to the ease of making HQs from NQ materials in crafting
  • An in-game event will be implemented right away after Launch
  • The dev team has designed endgame events to outright kill players (one shot mechanics)
  • Bahamut’s Labrynth is so long, it pretty much requires players to ‘save progress’ as they proceed through the dungeon
  • No plans to implement a ‘your server only’ option for the Duty Finder as for now

Great stuff!
No official date for Beta 4, but we can guesstimate towards the beginning of August.
Think of Beta 4 as a demo for the public (this will be open beta, no keys required). After that is complete early start will begin (this is for people who pre-ordered the game).

Also recently learned about a nifty bonus when running instances/dungeons with a new person:

When a person is in your party who has not run that dungeon before, your entire party will receive a message notifying you of this and will receive bonus loot (or xp) after defeating the last boss.

I really hope the mature mentality I experienced in FFXI shows up in this game. While the grindy leveling system was not my personal preference for a game, you felt immersed in that world thanks to the player community.

FFXIV: Realm Reborn Beta Testing

FFXIV: Realm Reborn Beta Testing

Being under new management, FFXIV:RR is leaps and bounds ahead of FFXIV (Legacy). I was personally in the alpha and beta of Legacy and sadly…no, wait…GLADLY cancelled my collector’s edition pre-order of the game. My patience has paid off (with accrued interest) with this new game.

Screen shots ARE ALLOWED during the beta. I featured this particular one because of the incredible attention to detail. My character is the hooded kitty woman in the background and I am walking behind this unknown person who I happen to have targeted. Without me touching anything on the keyboard or mouse, my character’s head is turned towards the person I have targeted. Insignificant, I know. But it’s really the little things that impress me.

Currently a level 20 Conjurer (CNJ) in this game and loving every second of it. It has depth, challenges, and beauty everywhere you turn.

After playing various MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online roll playing games) such as FFXI, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer, Aion, Rift, and Tera, this game really takes the cake. None of the above listed games are bad, in my opinion. They all have their hooks. They also have their letdowns.

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Test 3

Final Fantasy XIV Beta test 3

Beta testing will go from Wed, July 9 until Mon, July 22.

This Wednesday will be the first 5 day beta test. You can use this time to create and safe your character’s appearance data so when the game launches you can run right out the gate and begin playing.

Here is some info from the official forums:

Character Data From Beta Test Phase 3
All character data will be deleted at the end of beta test phase 3. Although character data from Version 1.0 will also be deleted, data from the final save on October 31, 2012 will be transferred again at the beginning of beta test phase 4.

The Beta Test Phase 3 Client
The client for beta test phase 3 cannot be used for beta test phase 4 or official service. Please delete the client at the end of this beta test phase.

Character Appearance Data
Character appearance data saved during beta test phase 3 can be used when creating a character during beta test phase 4 and official service. Those who wish to use their appearance data should not delete the following folder:
My Documents -> My Games -> FINAL FANTASY XIV – A Realm Reborn (Beta Version)


(From “XMB”) Game → Saved Data Utility (PS3TM)

Save data cannot be used after phase 4, and can safely be deleted.
Those who do not intend to use character appearance data from beta test phase 3 may delete this folder. However, windows users should please note this folder also contains screenshots. Please move any screenshots you wish to save to a separate location before deleting this folder.